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My name is Huguette D' and I'm a stylist from Kortrijk. Mom of two children who have turned out to be great adults. 


My mission is to introduce people to the GUA SHA which is an important part of the Yang Sheng techniques.


I ended up in the world of styling and make-up when I was 18 years old. There I experienced the combination of toxic skin care products and very stressful situations. A combination which oftentimes had a negative impact on my being. Being surrounded by models, decoration and extras, I constantly had deadlines and a lot of stress. In short: I lived in a world where everything revolves around "perfection". This forced me to adopt a healthier and more conscious life. A necessity to survive. So I started looking, experimenting and followed the necessary training and workshops. During my search I discovered the magic of the GUA SHA! I am happy to be able to experience but a tiny fraction of the treasure chest that Chinese medicine and especially the GUA SHA can offer for the face and body.


In 2012 I almost died in a serious car accident. The result: broken ribs, collapsed lungs and a severely bruised face. The right side of my face became completely numb. With the combination of Face Yoga exercises and the GUA SHA I was able to cure these ailments. Also in revalidation, chair yoga with the right breathing techniques helped me enormously.


For me, Face GUA SHA is the greatest gift for my skin. It restored the feeling in my face and sped up my healing process considerably. As a result, I started to pay even more attention to the use of 100% natural care products. Given my very sensitive skin, I even trained to make them myself. They take perfect care of my skin, the planet and not to forget my wallet likes them as well! ☺


Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Chinese healer. I live a modern life that is by no means perfect. My goal is to spread the techniques that have helped me and many others. I would also like to refer to the book "I am responsible" by Jan Adins. Anyone who regularly undergoes GUA SHA during a negative mood swing, or even a burn-out, experiences a lot of emotions being released. In this case it is advisable to receive proper guidance during this process. For this I refer to my 3-month trajectory as a life coach.


Anyway, my motto is: Live, Love and Laugh! And don’t strive for perfection! Because hey, what is perfection anyway? We were born to be real, not to be perfect!

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